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We can all relate. Everyone is a pedestrian. It’s all a question of mode of transportation on a particular day. Whether walking, jogging, or just standing roadside, we are never completely safe from vehicle traffic. As triathletes, Morlas and Stephen Schoenfeld are personally familiar with the dangers involved in jogging in the New Orleans and Lafayette areas. Without any natural barrier to protect a pedestrian from an oncoming vehicle, pedestrian accidents are commonly catastrophic or even deadly.  

As a pedestrian, it’s important to always stay as visible as possible by wearing bright colors at night, making eye contact with drivers of vehicles as they pass by, and using sidewalks and crosswalks whenever available. Unfortunately, this is not always enough. These precautions are useless as long as there are still distracted or inebriated drivers on our streets. Quite often, pedestrian accidents lead to hit and run situations. Identifying the driver at fault can be difficult, even with witnesses to the accident. It is important to hire an aggressive attorney who will assist with identifying the negligent driver and holding them accountable for their actions. If involved in a pedestrian accident, the driver of the vehicle at fault and his car insurance company can be held liable for your damages.  


As pedestrian injury attorneys, we make sure your care is the top priority and ensure you get the help you deserve throughout this process. From identifying the responsible parties in your case, arranging for you to get the medical care you need, and bringing resolution to your case, we will be by your side and guide you.

Let Schoenfeld Law Firm represent you to help bring justice to your case. Our goal is to make sure you are rightfully compensated for your damages and injuries. Whether in the Lafayette, Acadiana, or New Orleans area, our attorneys are ready to help. 


Schoenfeld Law Firm is here to help you pursue maximum compensation for your injuries. Call us to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards justice in your case! 


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